Friday, May 26, 2006

Borrowed from The Bears:


In a Past Life...

You Were: A Friendly Viking.

Where You Lived: Saudi Arabia.

How You Died: Dysentery.


In a Past Life...

You Were: An Insane Alchemist.

Where You Lived: Australia.

How You Died: Hung for treason.


In a Past Life...

You Were: A Banished Dancer.

Where You Lived: Texas.

How You Died: Hung for treason.

Hm. I don't like the sound off all that treason. Maybe this explains the de riguer 3 a.m. fighting? Callie and Nova are staging an uprising!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Thanks to every one who said nice things. It made me smile!

Today is better. Yesterday was a pms day, which didn't help matters. I'm also still adjusting to Fred being on afternoons, which makes me pouty. It'll get better, I know.

I'm still tired, but the scare I had last week when I found a lump in my right boob has passed (turned out to be an infection of some kind, and is clearing up nicely with antibiotics), and I'm looking forward to getting back into doing some physical activity.

Off to a branch meeting soon, which means getting home late, but also means free food.

Can't wait to hug my kitties and do some knitting.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


One more job interviewed for, one more "thanks, but no thanks" letter.

This morning (after driving for 2 hours) I had a construction worker swear at me for attempting not to run him over while he was crossing the street against a red light.

It's 8:41 and I've already cried once.

Can we not have today, please?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am frustrated.

I keep trying to donate to things, like Knitters Without Borders. And trying to help people out with their Million Dollar Cat Fund like Crazy Aunt Purl while also getting a neat-o messenger/knitting bag.

I went out and got myself a Paypal account, and transfered some money over. I've been waiting for over a week for the transfer to take effect. Finally today I got the email! Rejoicing!

Then...swearing. Because those places I want to give money to/buy things from? They only take credit cards. I can (and will) still donate to Buffyguide and I can toss some money into the Million Dollar Cat Fund without getting a fun, new messenger bag. But I'm still pretty frustrated.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just when you think....

....that life is settling down a bit....

So we got our house back. The room mate and boyfriend moved out last Saturday with a minimum of fuss.

Fred and I have started to settle back into a routine and re-work chore responsibilites, etc, etc.

Then on Tuesday Fred was told that he's being switched to straight afternoons. Monday to Friday 3:30 pm to midnight. While I get up at 5:15 am. So there will only be nation of two time from sometime Saturday morning after I finish at the Farmer's Market and when I have to go to bed Sunday night.

That fortress of solitude joke? Not so funny now.


I am looking for the positive in this though.

Since I will have no reason to run home after work, I can drop Amanda off and go straight to the gym, every night. That's five gym days a week. Much better than my current one to two days.

I will get plenty of alone time for reading, knitting, catching up on Oprah, meditating and taking long hot smelly baths.

After going to the gym I can come home and putter. I putter better when I throw on some Indigo Girls or other folksy, feministy kinda music and sing along at the top of my lungs. Since the cats will be the only other people home, and they have no opinion on folksy, feministy singers one way or the other, I'm good to go.

I am certain that there is a point to this. That there is something for me to learn here, just as there was with the Great Room Mate Debacle of '05. 'Cause if there isn't a point? If this is just the universe fucking with me? Wow, that would make me cranky.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Leone, your sister turned me on to Robin McKinley, and I ADORE Sunshine. I am also a big fan of the Anita Blake books, Allison. Sadly the book I read last week was neither, and not particularly well written. I can't remember where I am in either the Blake series or in the Gentry series, so I haven't picked any up in a while.

This week I'm back to driving. It's only Tuesday and I'm already pooped. And have only managed to read about 20 pages of Kathy Reichs' Grave Secrets.

I was at Lewiscraft today (local-ish craft store chain that has been bought out and is closing down). I was trying to get stuff to knit a yoga mat bag and a cabled newsboy cap from the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation book. Unfortunately, when it's a store closing down sale you take what you can get. Instead of 100% cotton and a 50/50 alpaca/merino blend I got more Bernat Soft Boucle in Richest Red, bringing my stash total to 6 skeins, with which I am going to attempt a tubular shrug.

I've decided that my particular brand of knitting is called Commando Knitting. Although not in the underwear sense. Here's how it goes: I see a pattern that I like, or some yarn that makes me happy, or I have a device or other thing that needs a cozy; I say to myself "You know, I think I'd like to change that and make it different/better/more suited to be exactly what I need."; throwing caution to the wind I swatch using different sizes needles and a different weight yarn than is called for in the pattern, and I may fix the pattern a little too so that the lace is more visible or something (there's usually a lot of frogging involved in this step). Then I knit. And wind up with pretty good stuff on the whole, at least so far.

It's a similar to the attitude I've always taken towards my hair. Bad dye job? Horrible perm? Silly looking cut? Bah! It grows back, just shave it down to about an inch.

Crazy Aunt Purl calls it Living Out Loud. Natasha Bedingfield calls it living life with arms wide open. I'm not sure which I like better, but I'm having lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Enough of that.

OK, so it's time to get the unhappy post off the top of the blog.

Things are better. We're at t minus 4 days until the move-out date. *dances* Since the soon-to-be-ex-roommate has been on vacation while doing house stuff, I have been taking the bus for the better part of the last two weeks. What a difference it makes! Sadly, paying for a car and taking the bus, just not an option right now. Depending on how high gas prices get, I may reconsider, we'll see. And no, I'm not willing to get rid of my car. It gives me the independence to get up at oh-my-goodness-it's-early o'clock on a Saturday and go to the farmer's market, the chiropractor and the grocery store, and be home and back in bed for a snuggle before 10 am. Not giving that up, no sirree bob. Still, the chance for some extra shut-eye in the morning (on the bus!) has been lovely. Plus, I've managed to read 4 whole books! In less than two weeks!

Work is feh. Which is a combination of 'meh' (apathy) and a bit of annoyance. The previously mentioned exciting project is really just a big pain in my tuchuss. But! I get to spend some time over the next couple of weeks assisting with planning a client appreciation/milestone celebration event. Which is a tiny step towards my "someday I want to be a wedding planner" dream.