Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Much better, thank you.

After careful application of antibiotics, eyedrops, fancy soft food and extra tuna juice, Sabre is feeling much better and no longer has to wear The Dreaded Cone.

This morning I watched her lay the smack down on Zoe and bat the kitten down half a stair case (Zoe is fine. She got up and raced around the living room seven times, then had a bath).

Life is back to normal at Casa de Furball.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So humiliating.

Last week I was fighting with that stupid kitten, and even though the girl had just clipped all our toenails, I still managed to get scratched just under my right eye. It was ok for a couple of days, then it started to bug me and it's been leaking and being itchy and making me squint and the girl says that I look like a pirate and keeps saying things like "Yar!" and "Ahoy, matey!" to me.

As if all this wasn't bad enough, this morning she stuffed me into that stupid crate and put me in that stupid moving vehicle thing and took me to the v-e-t. That's right, the bad place. It was awful.

To add insult to injury, once she brought me home again she wrapped me in a towel and put stuff in my eye. I heard her tell the boy that they have to do that SIX times a DAY, and also give me 2 pills a day in addition to the every-other-day aspirin I have to have because of that whole leg thing in the summer time.

But the worst part? The very, very worst, most humiliating part of all of this?

That's right. They stuck me in a radar dish.

And then they laughed.

Send Tuna!

Sabre is sick again. This time she's got an infected scratch near her right eye. I've taken today off so that we can go to the v-e-t and get it looked at. Send tuna and headbutts for her, and wishes for me that this isn't going to send our already precarious financial situation spiralling out of control.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Because I can't actually SAY this to anyone here

People, the purpose of a template, especially one that is copyrighted, is that all documents you want formatted with that template are supposed to follow it! It's not there for you to muck with so that it looks the way you want it. If you don't want it to look like the template, then don't make me format 17 documents using it then ask me to make your changes.


At this point, I just don't give enough of a rat's ass to fight them on it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sisters are doing it for themselves

With apologies to Annie and Aretha.

I know, big election just south of the border. Municipal elections here on Monday. Remembrance Day this weekend. Global warming, poverty, AIDS. All very important things. People have complained that in the face of all of this, who cares that Britney left her husband? Is it really all that important? Well, no. Not really.


Please understand, I am not saying that Britney and Whitney are excellent role models here. Or that they are even marginally ok role models (Reese is a pretty good role model though, I think). However, they have gone and gotten out of situations that (as portrayed by the media at least) were very unhealthy situations to be in.

Over here in real life I've known bunches of women who have been in similarly unhealthy situations. I rejoiced for each and every one of us when we figured out that we were on the wrong path, just like I'm rejoicing for these public figures.

May y'all find some strength and some peace in the getting on with life.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I heart Greyhound

Today is day three of riding the bus. So far I have slept, read and knit in my extra 3 hours a day that I have to myself. I've got some mediation music (waterfalls and wolf calls with classical music, that kind of stuff) to add to Emmeline over the weekend. My stress levels have decreased dramatically, even though my work load has gotten much, much heavier. I haven't taken even half a sleeping pill since Monday night and although I'm still waking up once or twice at night, falling asleep is no longer an issue, and I don't feel like death warmed over in the morning. Plus, since I'm getting some extra sleep on the bus, I'm finding that I can stay awake later at night, and get more stuff done at home.