Friday, March 23, 2007

Early Morning

Riding the escalator up into the glass atrium after getting my morning coffee
I can see the first beginnings of the sunrise,
A backdrop for the brightly lit crane, already moving,
Building the next tall thing to bring more shade to the city.

At my desk there is a beauty in the silence;
No people, just the sound of the air intake system
And the hum of the flourescent lights
(Most of which haven't been turned on yet).

6:45 am is too damn early to be at the office.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vacation booked!

I have just booked myself a week off at the beginning of April. I have no plans, nowhere to go, nothing pressing that needs doing. There will probably be some crafting since I'm working towards setting up my own etsy shop and will need some stock for that. I may even paint my kitchen and start getting my sewing room set up. But mostly I'm going to stay in bed late, cuddle my kitties and spend a little time with Fred.

I can't wait!

I've also booked a day of mid-April because Starhawk is doing a workshop in Toronto! Woohoo! [dances]

I've been feeling incredibly run-down, beaten down, and just generally at the end of my rope, mostly due to work and commuting. I'm hoping that a week away from it, and a bit of a spiritual jump start will help a little. There is a plan to get out of cube hell, but it's going to take some time, so I'm taking a break in the interim. Yay!