Monday, August 22, 2005

What happened...

So Jenn (BC Jenn, as opposed to ON Jenn) wanted to know what happened.

First let me point out that there is no longer a Quitmeter (TM) at the bottom of this page. *ahem*

Simply put, I fell off the wagon. I spent a weekend camping with friends. Most of whom are smokers. And there was drinking. And other...stuff. And I caved.

So now I am smoking again, albeit less than I was. I've stopped smoking in the car, and only go out for 1 a day at work instead of the previous 3. All in all, I'd say I went from my previous pack a day down to 7 cigarettes a day. So there is a small victory there.

I do want to quit. I just don't want it badly enough right now. Although my lungs sure aren't happy with me. My 32nd birthday is at the beginning of October, and that is my target. To be quit by then.

Fred (who is still not smoking and I am very proud of him!) and I are going away for a week in September, and I'm thinking that if not before then, that's the time to give it another shot.

I'll keep you posted, Jenn!