Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sisters are doing it for themselves

With apologies to Annie and Aretha.

I know, big election just south of the border. Municipal elections here on Monday. Remembrance Day this weekend. Global warming, poverty, AIDS. All very important things. People have complained that in the face of all of this, who cares that Britney left her husband? Is it really all that important? Well, no. Not really.


Please understand, I am not saying that Britney and Whitney are excellent role models here. Or that they are even marginally ok role models (Reese is a pretty good role model though, I think). However, they have gone and gotten out of situations that (as portrayed by the media at least) were very unhealthy situations to be in.

Over here in real life I've known bunches of women who have been in similarly unhealthy situations. I rejoiced for each and every one of us when we figured out that we were on the wrong path, just like I'm rejoicing for these public figures.

May y'all find some strength and some peace in the getting on with life.


Jenn said...

I hear ya! I was strangely relieved to hear brit-brit left k-fed. As much as she's a bit of a silly girl, I hated this butt-munch taking off and partying all the time. I like to think she got what she wanted and is now getting back to taking care of herself.

And then I think I've thought about this waaaay too much.

Big PoZer said...

I hadn't given it ANY thought before you mentioned it (as I haven't followed their relationship)... but, you make a good point.

Still, you've got to realise what you're getting into with a guy who leaves his pregant girl for you.

Kim said...

I've sometimes wondered if the tarty airhead stars (brit-brit, paris etc) aren't a bit smarter than they're portrayed (or, to be fair, than they portray themselves). Though maybe not Katie Holmes. Yeesh.

Hi sista!

CosmicAvatar said...

Having heard yesterday about someone I know having the strength to leave her abusive other half and press charges against him, I can only agree. I'm glad some people get out and don't hang around to suffer more of the same.

Leone said...

I like this blog entry. Women getting themselves out of bad relationships is so painfully hard and I've seen the amazing women that come out of it and their resolve and strength and I hope anybody who goes through it can grow from it.