Wednesday, May 24, 2006


One more job interviewed for, one more "thanks, but no thanks" letter.

This morning (after driving for 2 hours) I had a construction worker swear at me for attempting not to run him over while he was crossing the street against a red light.

It's 8:41 and I've already cried once.

Can we not have today, please?


Annika said...

Oh, poop. Wish I could cancel today for you. xxoo

allison said...

I will speak to today sharply and remind it to behave itself tomorrow.

Jenn said...

I'm with ya on (what is now) yesterday.

Let's just strike it from the books!

Hugs for today!!

Leone said...

I am completely for striking tomorrow from record. And remember, generally, other people are really stupid, I mean, I live in northern Canada, I know this. I'm sorry that stupid people ruined your morning. I hope your kitties gave you lots of loving and possibly a hairball (the sign of true kitty love).

Helen said...

Well today can just get stuffed. Mind you, we better be nice to tomorrow, as tomorrow is the today that hasn't happened yet...