Thursday, May 25, 2006


Thanks to every one who said nice things. It made me smile!

Today is better. Yesterday was a pms day, which didn't help matters. I'm also still adjusting to Fred being on afternoons, which makes me pouty. It'll get better, I know.

I'm still tired, but the scare I had last week when I found a lump in my right boob has passed (turned out to be an infection of some kind, and is clearing up nicely with antibiotics), and I'm looking forward to getting back into doing some physical activity.

Off to a branch meeting soon, which means getting home late, but also means free food.

Can't wait to hug my kitties and do some knitting.


Leone said...

That must have been very frightening for you! I'm very glad you are all better. Thanks for the comment on my blog about knitting lace. I'm working on a rather complicated diamonds (there's a proper word for it, can't remember) lace pattern that is taking me forever- but it's an xmas present so as long as it doesn't take me to December (I try to keep my current projects down to three at once with little ones here and there). I love hugging kitties. Sometimes they bite, but it's all good.

Helen said...

I'm SO glad the boob thing turned out to be nothing serious! [hugs] what is it with boobs recently? My right one was sore (on the outer side) so last week I even went braless, as the underwiring was making me more aware of the soreness (it's gone now, I think it was just a weird soreness).

Just to be safe, Fred should probably do some thorough boob checks [wink]

Big PoZer said...

Okay... I'm glad I read about the lump scare after you found out everything was okay! *wipes brow*