Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just when you think....

....that life is settling down a bit....

So we got our house back. The room mate and boyfriend moved out last Saturday with a minimum of fuss.

Fred and I have started to settle back into a routine and re-work chore responsibilites, etc, etc.

Then on Tuesday Fred was told that he's being switched to straight afternoons. Monday to Friday 3:30 pm to midnight. While I get up at 5:15 am. So there will only be nation of two time from sometime Saturday morning after I finish at the Farmer's Market and when I have to go to bed Sunday night.

That fortress of solitude joke? Not so funny now.


I am looking for the positive in this though.

Since I will have no reason to run home after work, I can drop Amanda off and go straight to the gym, every night. That's five gym days a week. Much better than my current one to two days.

I will get plenty of alone time for reading, knitting, catching up on Oprah, meditating and taking long hot smelly baths.

After going to the gym I can come home and putter. I putter better when I throw on some Indigo Girls or other folksy, feministy kinda music and sing along at the top of my lungs. Since the cats will be the only other people home, and they have no opinion on folksy, feministy singers one way or the other, I'm good to go.

I am certain that there is a point to this. That there is something for me to learn here, just as there was with the Great Room Mate Debacle of '05. 'Cause if there isn't a point? If this is just the universe fucking with me? Wow, that would make me cranky.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sister!

Hubby and I were in the same boat for the first three years of our marriage. We resorted to communicating via the magnets on the fridge, and the strategic disappearance of cookies. You'll get through this. It's actually just the universe telling you you need some "me" time.
It won't be permanent.

Trudy (because I STILL can't remember my password)

CosmicAvatar said...


Still, as you say, might as well try to focus on the positive and explore the potential benefits... Here's hoping something good comes of it.

Helen said...

What everyone else said! Some alone time is nice, and you can do all the stuff you want to do which Fred might not be able to join in with - maybe like the gym - and then when you are both in the house together, you'll have no demands on your time because you'll both have done your stuff/cleaning chores. It'll be pure chill out together time.


The Bears said...

We're sorry your schedules got discombooboolated!

*many Bear hugs*

Maybe you can use your "me time" to eat lots of caaaandy!

*sound of voice in background*

Just a sec...

*conversing of Bears and voice in background*

Uh, Jim says that isn't such a helpful suggestion for non-Bears.

OK Bye

Leone said...

As for knitting, I just got three new knitting books, Knitting Rules, World of Knitted Toys, and Module Magic. I would strongly suggest all three and possibly some bamboo yarn, cause that yarn is like so soft silkly magic. I hope that you have fun you time with the kitties.

Jenn said...

Hmm, let me know if you need me to make you up a new mix cd of folksy-feminist music, my dear. Because I can and I will!

(and yeah, my husband goes home tomorrow- so I hear ya).