Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wellington Fibres

Here are the photos from the trip to Wellington Fibres.

These are the breeding herd goats.

This is a boy goat, who is waiting to be sold to another farm.

This is fleece that has been dyed, and it waiting to be washed.

This is washed fleece, hung up to dry.

Picked fleece (that's the step after drying; it takes out all the extra bits of stuff) going into a carder.

And coming out the back end of the carder.

These are the roving cakes that are make by the carder, waiting to be fed into the spinning machine.

This is the spinning machine.

This is a skein of spun yarn.

And this is the store!

I don't have photos yet of the lovely yarn...Mom spoiled me with enough for a sweater, and I got two colours of merino/mohair blend that will make Fred and I each a pair of socks.

The cake was wonderful - both to eat and to look at. Fred did a fantastic job! But I forgot to take a photo, sorry.


Meghan said...

That is such a cool place!

I'm going to have to look and see if they have anything like that here in The States.

Amanda said...

There's just something about seeing exactly where the stuff you buy comes from. When you wear your sweater, you can say, "I met the goat this came from."

jenn said...

ohhhh! Nifty!