Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tiny Green Eyes

People are turning up pregnant all over the place! I know three people who are due in June, and it's all very exciting, and I have a giant list of things I want to knit. I am so happy for these friends (although very sorry that they are dealing with being sick) and I can't wait to see/meet the new people they are creating.

That said, when I found out last night that ex-best friend is trying to get pregnant, I got a little jealous. It was only a flash, only for a moment, but there it was. It probably had more to do with the "who" than the "what", and I recognize that.

We want to have a child (maybe more if we can manage the first one ok and don't misplace it or something), but we know that we need to get a better handle on things like money and cleaning the house regularly before we embark on the whole adding-a-person-to-the-household thing. Plus, with the five animals in the house, I'm not sure where we'd put a baby right now; it's already a little crowded. So we're being responsible, and grown-up, and trying to make the right decisions.

But, dammit! I want babies too!


Lolly said...

You should totally have a baby. Babies are The. Most. Awesome. Thing. Ever.


And I SO want to have Alan Tudyk's redheaded babies. (Alan, call me. Really.)

Anonymous said...

Ok .... totally on board with the Alan Tudyk thing. How awesome would our babies be???

Also totally on board with you getting in the baby way, but get why you are waiting. Just ... don't want too long! I want to be a pseudo-aunt!!

And finally ... totally on board with the twinge of jealousy. I felt it too. Grrrrrrrr.

Leone said...

I want a baby too. And then I wake up and realize I can no longer see my bedroom floor, have no clean dishes, and oh yeah, am very immature. Not saying immature messy people can't have babies- just not me. Not right now. I'm planning on squishing one of those June babies aaaalllllllll the time.