Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I need help! Last night I finally watched The Christmas Invasion and now I need more of The Doctor. Please give me your favourite Doctor related links, especially if they have episode transcripts. Feeding my new mini-obsession will also help to keep my mind off that job I still haven't heard anything about.


CosmicAvatar said...

My heart remains with last year's season. *sigh*

Although Bally is the major Who geek, so I'm sure he'll have some links. I'm not sure if he stalks this blog, so why not PM him? He's a very helpful dude. [nod]

Helen said...

I stopped watching partway through the last season, as I never truly got hooked. I've seen the trailer for the new season twice - first time I really didn't connect with Tennant, second time I thought he might be OK.

Have you checked the BBC? I saw spoilers for the season there.

Anonymous said...


Who loves ya baby!

J (who forgot her password)

Helen said...

BBC site

Simon said...

Props to Amanda for name-checking the me, but the only link I would have provided is the BBC site, which Helen has already linked up to.

As daft as it sounds, you may want to check out the Wikipedia articles on the show and its episodes.