Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maybe he really is serious!

In addition to the pro-life preacher who will be giving an address at Barack Obama's inauguration, there will be a LGBT band playing in the parade prior to the ceremony, along with the usual military bands and other groups.

He's also set up a meeting with a group of women so that he can listen to their personal stories about abortion, and has said that he's going to repeal the don't ask - don't tell rule for the US military.

Hopefully he won't be hobbled by the rest of the American political system, and he really will be able to bridge gaps and bring about that change of which he speaks so eloquently.

*fingers crossed*


Annika said...

Oh, man. I have EVERYTHING crossed.

Anonymous said...

Annika .... you and me BOTH lady .... I think most of us do.

allison said...

What Annika said.