Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good things

My friend's brother is out of ICU, and is now in Stepdown. He's on some blood thinners, and will likely be released from the hospital on Saturday. The doctors think that a large clot formed at the site of his recently badly broken leg (like, he's got pins and stuff in it bad), and smaller clots broke off of that clot and travelled to his lungs. It was a wake up call for many of us that we need to get healthier; while his weight and smoking weren't the primary causes, they sure didn't help. Also, they used clotbusters to help break up the main clot, and his mom has already said that she's making a t-shirt for him that says "Who ya gonna call? Clotbusters!" That whole family has a wonderful sense of humour. I told my friend that I'd mentioned her brother here, and she said to say thank you to anyone who sent good stuff their way.


Recent conversation at my house:
Him: I'm thinking I'd like to try going to school instead of going straight back into the work force.
Me: Ok, cool. What kind of a career are you thinking about?
Him: Well, I'd like to do something that isn't dirty, and doesn't hurt my knees.
Me: Um. I think you need to get a little more specific than that.
Him: I could be a nine to five desk asshole!
Me: Well, you've got the asshole part down*, now all you need is a desk.
*Please note that this is said with much love. Learning to live together again is going to be interesting though.
Tonight is knit night at my LYS, and I am ready to drop some stitches on my Clapotis! Woo!
The weather is crazy cold here (-26 C, I know it's -53 C in Regina, but I'm not there!), which is normally a little cranky making, but the sun rose today, and it was beautiful to see it shining off the snow. I love the sound of sqeaky snow, and the crisp smell of morning. Also, it was very cool to see steam rising of a river this morning because the water is actually warmer than the air.


Anonymous said...

See!?!?! I knew! there was a reason it was so freakin' cold here ... "him" made hell freeze over with the thought of a desk job, and now we are all suffering. Well, those of us who didn't have pretty stuff to look at this morning are at least :)

allison said...

We would totally do the "Clotbusters!" joke in our family!

Yeah, I know it's colder in Regina, but it's completely different. We still get the cold lake effect and it seeps into your bones. Brrrrrrr. I wish I was in Mexico.

CosmicAvatar said...

-26C?????? Holy crap! Oh, I could not survive that.

Love the Clotbusters bit. Hey, if you can't laugh...