Thursday, November 13, 2008

Money, money, money

Warning: this is a getting it off my chest post. I'm not looking for advice, just needing to get this out there.

I feel like we have been having money problems for, well, forever.

We've borrowed from friends and family, last year I got a second job for six months, husband has done some overtime (although not as much as I wish he would), I've cut back my personal spending just about as much as I can and we're still sinking like the Titanic.

The thing is, we both have a job. We both make good money (although I did take a substantial pay cut to not have to travel into Toronto to work). I very much don't want to have to go to work at Wendy's but it's looking like that's going to be my next step.

We have debt. Two cars, my student loan, a personal loan and some back taxes. It's not an incredible amount of money, but it's enough that every month is a struggle to make rent, or to pay hydro. A while ago we had our home phone cut off. I've spun it to some friends, and especially to family, that we decided to just switch over to cell phones, like it was some hip-with-the-era decision. Really, it filled me with shame, and terror, that at the age of 35, I still don't have it together.


Annika said...

We're right there with you. It's got to get better soon. [hug]

Anonymous said...

Hugs and love, pretty lady.

You know I am there with you too.

motherbumper said...

Purging feels good. You aren't alone, that much I can say with certainty.

allison said...