Monday, June 09, 2008

Short List

  • Weather is making me cranky and icepick headache stabby
  • Allergies are out of control and otc remedies are not cutting it
  • Certain websites don't want to load at home now that husband put in funny router thing
  • My iPod sounds like it's playing underwater.


  • We have air-conditioning at home, saving both people and animals from expiring in crazy, all-of-a-sudden-it's-August heat
  • Husband has hit his more social time of the year which means that we're now spending time with friends together
  • We're going on vacation in about six weeks to a cottage on a lake
  • I got cast in Guelph Little Theatre's fall production of "Welcome Back To The 5 & dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean"!



Anonymous said...

YAY YOU!! Congrats on the role ... expect my engraved invite in the mail any moment now :)

Simon said...

A cottage on a lake! That sounds lovely. Have a good time.