Friday, May 02, 2008

note from roo

i decided that today i will tell you all about what we do in the morning at our house1

sometimes i have to stand at the bottom of the stairs and cry because it has been forever since fred went to bed and no one has come to see me, but most mornings i am still sleepin when angela comes downstairs i am always happy to see her, and i do a little dance to tell her that she lets me go out the back door and then i get a cookie, but i don't always want to eat it right away because i know there are going to be better things than cookies in the kitchen soon

i always help while angela puts on her coffee and gets out her cereal, and i watch her eat verrrrry carefully to make sure that she doesnt forget to let me lick the bowl when she is done she and fred call this prewash i dont know what that means, but thats ok with me, cause i just like to lick dishes

after breakfast comes the really good part of the morning when angela makes her lunch for the day i help her get stuff out of the fridge then i stand on her feet under the counter just incase anything falls on the floor angela calls me hooverdog then and i dont know what that means either, but she says im good at keeping that part of the floor clean, at least so this is why this time is best, angela makes herself something that she puts lettuce on and she lets me have the crunchy bits thats good, but its not my favourite my very favourite is carrots111 if angela makes her lunch and doesn't give me a carrot i go woowooowooo to let her know that i am very unhappy

today was extra extra special, because there was one piece of cheese left over and angela said i was being soo good so she let me have it111111

after all that angela gets ready to go away sometimes i try to go with her, or not let her go, but she says she has to go , or she wont be able to pay for more carrots

anyway, i hope you are all having a good day



Anonymous said...

OMG ... I miss you too!!

allison said...

Dear Roo,

It sounds like you have Angela very well trained. I also worked very hard to train my mom to do all the important morning things in the proper order, especially watching while Mom eats her oatmeal so she doesn't forget that I am waiting patiently to do my job. I almost never have to poke her with my nose to remind her.


Lucy the Dog

ickUl said...

Neyo roo111

I too likes standin on the Grr (who am my yuman) an demandin grub! I likes yeaves but carroots am good too.

Stay grubby,

Meghan said...


can i come over, roo? pahleeees?1

~ miki

jenn said...

Hmm, is hard. Training these yumoos.

Chuck and Rupert

Simon said...

What a great post, Roo. I must say, you look lovely.

Dogeared said...

Fantastic post! 'lo Roo, you sound like you work very hard - and should probably have lots of tummy rubs and fuss to reward you!

harada57 said...
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