Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't think of a good title so this is what it is

I am not a gardener-type. I have been known to kill cactus.

This morning I repotted the plants that sit on my desk.

Vera came from the grocery store. She was in a tiny little pot and marked down to 99 cents so I had to bring her home with me. She has flourished since then!

Rex is a Begonia Rex. When he is happy, he has beautiful purple and green leaves. He was very, very happy on my last desk, but all the moving around and a few weeks with too much sun and not enough water has made all his leaves fall off. He is still alive though, and I'm hoping that the new pot and soil will help him perk up.

Violet was a gift to me from a friend at my last job. While we were there she bloomed almost continuously. Since October she hasn't even shown a bud. Again, I'm hoping that a new pot and fresh soil will bring back her fatness.

I have set up that little corner with some of my angels. This is a good job and environment for me, but I'm still trying to find my really comfortable spot. I hope that fixing my plants up will bring some comfort to my space.


jenn said...

Looks very nice! I like buying new plants (as sometimes the old ones are moving on to a better place...)


Jan said...

I love getting new plants too. We got a little Scheflera from the grocery store and kept re-planting it. Years later it had grown so big, it was touching the ceiling.

I really love violets a lot and used to have them in my windows. I asked for a plant stand with lights for Christmas. I set it up in the cold basement, put the violets down there with the lights on and even the separate leaves that I planted were flowering.

Good luck with your plants. It's such a great feeling when they thrive, and they look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love how all your plants have people names. That worked out nicely!

Simon said...

I am not a gardener either, but I hold out hope for your plants! Here's hoping the new environment suits them.

Kim said...

It's a funny thing. I love gardening, but I kill houseplants. I think I keep expecting it to rain inside (I'm a fan of xeriscaping).

-- jlb said...

I too am a slayer of hardy cactii. My back patio is telling - I love the idea of having the garden, but can't seem to keep it implemented.

I think that's why I've resorted to cut flowers - they have an expected short lifespan, it's less distressing when they're gone!

Anonymous said...

Choo need me to take a look at Rex agin? Choo lemme know :)

CosmicAvatar said...

Hee. I kill cacti too. And spider plants, which my mum thought were unkillable.

I hope your little corner thrives!