Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Heath Ledger is dead. I've been sitting at my computer for about an hour puttering and crying. which is dumb, because it's not like he was a friend, or someone I'd ever met. But I liked his acting. And he was very pretty and one of the few actors I've ever had a major crush on. I'm looking forward to the Batman movie this summer where he plays the Joker, but it's going to feel different now...

It seems that he overdosed on prescription pills. Some sites are saying he had a substance abuse problem. Whatever. I'm sad for his family, and for his friends, and for his fans.

Too young. Dammit. RIP.


Lesley said...

I know, I'm so sad too. Did you ever see Roar? It was this awesome celtic fantasy show that only lasted about nine episodes, and Heath Ledger was the star. He has been a favourite of mine ever since then.

:( *hugs*

CosmicAvatar said...

I'm hoping it was a medication accident and not a drug abuse issue. He just didn't seem the type. It's such a horrible shame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel not like a freak for having much the same reaction as you. For some reason, this bummed me considerably .... partly because I have respect for the roles he took on, partly because he was so pretty, and partly because he left behind a young daughter.

I am really, really hoping that this doesn't turn into a media circus, and that it turns out to be a complete accident and very non-awful.

Min said...

I'm still crying days later. :-(

RIP, Heath.