Friday, January 05, 2007

Who does that?

I like lists. Lists for grocery shopping. Lists for Christmas shopping. Lists of the knitting/other crafting projects I have on the go. Lists of home improvement things I want to do. Lists of what I need to get done at work. The list could go on (groan).

Partly, I need the lists so that I can keep everything straight and I don't forget the cat food, or that the dishwasher has clean dishes in it. Partly, I keep lists so that I am motivated to do things (at least in theory - "Paint the kitchen" has been on my home improvement list for about a year and a half now). My third reason for list-keeping is the satisfaction I get when I can cross something off the list. It's like saying "Look! See what I accomplished? Somebody praise me already."

Sometimes (especially at work) I will add something to my daily list that I have already done, just to have the satisfaction of having another item on my crossed-off list.

I am sincerely hoping that I am not the only person in the world who does this....


Helen said...

Are you crazy? The "lists" category on my Blog is one of the biggest ones! I always do a weekend To Do list, I like using a different colour each week, and seeing the list gradually get done (well mostly done). Knowing people can see it is a bit of motivation too.

Silly Podgy, thinking you were alone!

Min said...

I do it, too. The adding things to lists so I can cross it off. Sometimes Dwayne and I will be grocery shopping and he'll say, "Oh! We need mayonnaise, too" as he grabs a jar from the shelf.

So, I jot it down and cross it off. It's important!

Jenn said...

Me too. Ask Jim.

And yes, I build in done things into my lists so I feel accomplished. Or something like that.

Big PoZer said...

Lists are fun!

I love to make lists.

I don't so much like to do everything on them, though.

Anonymous said...

I go one step further. If I make a list, I start with three or four things that I've already completed. That way I feel like I've already started.

What I meant was, you are not alone.

Simon said...

Oh no! I sometimes put "Make list" at the top of the list, so that when I'm done, I have something ready made to cross off.

Amanda said...

Add me to the list.

(Hee! I crack myself up!)

Angela said...

You aren't...I do that, too:)