Thursday, January 25, 2007

Glitch in the system: parts failure.

On Monday I went for a half-hour walk at lunch time. By the time I got back I had a hot, flaring pain in my right lower-back/hip area. This isn't unusal (although the pain doesn't normally come from walking, but from long periods of standing or sitting), and is fixed by going to see Dr. Matt my wonderful chiropractor.

I was off work yesterday for a job interview (cross-your fingers for me folks, I really want this one) so I went to see Dr. Matt and he did his magic and told me to do a 10 min. on 10 min. off icing on it for the next couple of days, but that I should be ok to do excercise, as long as it wasn't too strenuous.

Last night I took the Yoga for Dummies DVD for a spin (Helen, it does sound like the same one you have). I am either too dumb or too smart for it because today I am in pain. Large font, capital letters, lots of exlamation points pain. I got out of bed this morning and realized that it hurt to sit. It hurts to stand. Any kind of movement? Owie ow ow. The only thing that doesn't hurt is lying on the floor, which is pretty frowned on at the office. So I am full of muscle relaxants and have made it to work in body, if not in brain power. Dr. Matt has office hours on Saturday, so I think I'm getting up early.


Jenn said...

Aw dammit all to hell! I'm so sorry. Do you have a good Massage Therapist around?


Min said...

Ouch! You have to get through two more days? :-(

I hope you can find some relief.

Helen said...

Ouch :(

I don't remember any pain from the yoga, in fact I seem to remember not feeling any real benefit or workout afterwards, which is probably why I stopped.

BUT - everyone is different, and I know that after I'd been running following a long break, my hips willbe sore the next day. I also know that after the second run, I'll be fine.

Hopefully a trip to Dr. Matt will sort you out for now, and the next time you do the yoga, you'll find it much easier and more painless. Your body might just take time, if it's not used to it. But it will get there.



CosmicAvatar said...

I once did a yoga DVD and my vertebrae haven't been the same since, despite me taking it gently. I'm so sorry you're in pain - hope you can get it sorted out.