Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4, 1973

Which makes me thirty-three today.

In my early twenties I had a much different vision of what my life would be like ten years down the road.

I certainly didn't expect to be living in Guelph and spending my free time knitting, cross-stitching, pickling with my girlfriends and doing yoga while swearing meditatively.

I'm glad I'm where I am. Overall, it's much better than what I had imagined.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :hugs: :mint choc chip ice cream:

allison said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! [girlkissers]

Jenn said...


I'm glad you like where you are at - certainly sounds awesome to me!

The Bears said...

Happy Birfday!

*many Bears hugs*

And congratulatoos on being in such a great spot!

OK Bye
Blinky and All the Bears

Simon said...

Happy Birfenday!

And meditative swearing. Sounds good to me!

CosmicAvatar said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Jenn H hopes is was a great day!!! Happiness is a choice. Good call.

Big PoZer said...

Bloody hell... I keep missing birthdays!

Sorry I'm so late, but happy birthday m'lovey Angela. I hope it was a great one.