Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Update #1: Cats.

The three big kitties are still none too pleased with the little one, but they aren't running away from her any more. Well, except Nova. *sigh* We'll get there.

Yes, Laurie, four cats. They are all indoor cats. We live in a 3-bedroom townhouse though, so they don't all have to be in the same place at the same time.

Kim: I totally agree that there is a biological clock for kittens. One of the reasons we got Zoe is that while my clock is ticking away for babies, Fred's is only at kittens. We're working on aligning the alarms. *wink*

Update #2: Interview

I have a 2nd interview on Monday morning, when I will be tested on my Word and PowerPoint skills and meet the CEO and the Director of Client Services. I think this is a Good Thing (apologies to Martha). Keep crossing those fingers! This job would mean, in addition to working for an organization I can get behind, a half hour drive to work, instead of an hour and a half.



Jenn said...

When Jim moves up here "for real" we're thinking he needs his own kitty. Is very exciting.

And I'm so excited based on the 30min drive potential! I mean, the other stuff too - but 30 MIN DRIVE!!!

Helen said...

Excellent news!

Leone said...

Fingers and toes crossed!

Kim said...

Oooh, kitty update. And my very own mention! But most of all, 30 MINUTE DRIVE! (Jenn always says stuff best.) G'luck g'luck g'luck!

CosmicAvatar said...

Oooo! Second interview! Best of luck.