Friday, July 28, 2006

Ten Days of Freedom

I am going on vacation next week. If I count starting with tomorrow, that's ten whole days that I don't have to do the 1 1/2 hour plus drive to and from work. Ten days that I don't have to answer smart people when then ask me stupid questions. Ten days that I don't have to talk to, see or listen to...someone. Ten days in which I can do whatever the heck I please in my own car (as long as it's legal).


We aren't going away anywhere due to lack of funds. Instead here is what I'm doing with my week and a bit:

1. Kicking butt on that interview and getting myself a new job.

2. Going to visit my mom at the farm and joining her at her Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting. They need more knitters to join, so I'm taking my knitting as an example. The most exciting part is that my mom is going to buy me enough hand-spun alpaca to knit myself a scarf. I'm thinking something lacey. Whee!

3. Going to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee ( speak at the York Region Knitters Guild in Aurora Tuesday night. It's ok that it's a 2-hour drive each way, because I'm choosing to drive it. Plus, famous knitter person.

4. Learning how to knit socks.

5. Breaking away from the knitting theme, and sewing my self a chemise so that I have a girly-looking shirt to wear at the next singing job. I may even sew a skirt too, if I can find fabric that looks hand-woven enough. I'm too much of a scaredy cat (and not enough of an accomplished sewer) to try it with real handwoven.

6. Possibly (finally) painting my kitchen.

7. Paying bills and arguing with the government. Ick.

8. Sleeping in.

9. Spending time with Fred and with all the kitties.

10. Whatever the heck I feel like. I'll be on vacation, after all.


Jenn said...

Holidaaaay, Celebraaate! [/retro madonna]

Enjoy your time m'dear. I expect blogging updates as regularily as you can.

Jenn said...

Oh yeah! And due to time difference - you are almost there! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I, on the other hand, have a good couple of weeks until my ten days of running away.

Annika said...

Ooh, Yarn Harlot! I am SO jealous!

Lesley said...

If you've got any time left in that busy schedule, come out and visit me and the baby! :D

Helen said...

I get 3 days off next week... [mini woo, smaller than yours]

Enjoy the time off!

Leone said...

Insane jealous comment forecoming... OHMIGOD you get to hear the YARN HARLOT talk? I am soooooooo jealous! Take me! Take me! I'll buy us coffees the entire way and I promise to sit far from you so when I start blubbering when The Fabulous Stephanie Pearl McPhee starts to talk nobody will associate us!

Insane jealous is done in by happiness for my friend comment...
I'm so happy for you! You get a new kitten, you meet the Yarn Harlot, you are going to knit socks! So exciting! Have a most amazing week off!

CosmicAvatar said...


Big PoZer said...

Oh, Ang... I'm SO happy for you!!

It sounds like you got some good plans to really savor your time off.

Scott said...

Apparently I'm a stupid, because I sort of forgot you had this blog. ANd I thought to myself 'I wonder what Angela's doing?', and I went and recalled your existence.

The guys did not eat me, by the way.