Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remembering isn't just for November

As I was driving in to work this morning I heard on the news that another Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan this morning.

It made me think of one of my friends who is currently serving in the Canadian armed forces. He's in Canada right now, but has been told that he can expect to be deployed in the Spring.

When I got to work this morning I had an email from that friend that had this tribute link in it. Warning, it made me cry. Then again, I'm a giant mushball at the best of times. Still, the fact that another name has been added to the list of our fallen soldiers is a sad thing.

I know that the numbers of dead U.S. soldiers is far, far higher, and that the civilian deaths in the Middle East are also off the charts. I guess it's just that this feels so much closer to home for me, and is certainly closer to my heart.


Annika said...

Nevermind the numbers. It isn't a competition. A dead soldier is a dead man.

I daren't watch the tribute.

Helen said...

Even one man lost is one too many.

There was a fair bit of publicity over the 99th British soldier killed, and shortly after, some soldier had the notoriety of being the 100th.

It doesn't matter how many we lose, if you know someone or are connected, it'll hurt. Losing only a few doesn't mean it won't hurt.

Melly said...

I agree it's all sad. Although we are encouraged to think of the loss as politically relative (via media etc) any death is too much death.

And on another completely unrelated note, Jenn was here last night and saw some pasties I'd made. She said they should be yours and told me to put a comment on your blog about them; they are daisies. (