Monday, January 09, 2006

IKEA, knitting, emotional release and an invitation

What a weekend!

Spent Friday night doing a whole lot of nothing, which was very nice for a change. Fred wasn't feeling well so he'd stayed home from work. We went to bed and snuggled while we watched a movie, and it was fantastic.

Saturday we spend a whole bunch of money that we really couldn't afford to part with. We started at IKEA. Went in to get a small storage chest, came out with the chest, a camoflouge computer chair (3 guesses who wanted that [grin] ), a bedside lamp, an overhead LED decorative majiggy (can't call it a light, since it doesn't give off enough of the stuff), an orange towel, a black wastebasket, a drying rack and fun clothes pins, and an orange kitchen brush with a suction cup on the bottom of it. Fred and I really shouldn't be allowed to go shopping together. We also priced stuff that we will need to get to replace furniture that will be going with Amanda when she moves out. We so need to start saving.

After IKEA we went to the mall to use up the last of the Christmas gift certificates and discount coupons. I picked up Stitch 'n Bitch by Debbie Stoller and I am excited beyond belief. I'm reading the book through first then next pay I'll be picking up some yarn and needles and tackling the task of learning to knit. Very, very excited! I've already got a mental list of who I can knit stuff for. I feel an obsession coming on!

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and went to my new gym for my first aerobics class. It was something called Basic No-Bounce, so you get a good cardio workout, but it's pretty easy on the knees. There I was in my brand new workout clothes (black pants, that I need to shorten, and bright orange top) bopping away to cheesy 80's remixed music. I lost the tempo, and had to stop using my arms because at points it just got too hard for me; I got out of breath and red faced; I wound up facing the wrong direction more than once. Through it all I had a giant grin plastered across my face. It was so much fun!!!! Then, just as we were finishing up the final combination, about 18 minutes into the cardio section I felt like crying. Not sad crying you understand, or crying because I looked like a great, flabby, orange numpty. Crying because I felt so good. Crying because I haven't had a moment that happy, just for me (i.e. completely independent of any of the people in my life), in what feels like forever. I can't wait to go back.

Sunday afternoon found us in the Big Smoke playing our monthly
Buffy-based RPG at our friends' house...where I was asked to be a groomsman in their wedding this October! More welling-up, lots of hugging and discussions about whether or not I really want to go to a stag party and watch women take their clothing off. I am so touched and excited that I've been asked to share in their wedding this way (I was already asked to sing, so this is an added bonus). Also, I get to wear a kilt. Whee!


Jenn said...

Wow - what a great weekend!!

And I'm so totally into both my knitting and my working out. I was just so damned happy I went to that yoga class. And hooo-boy could I feel it for the next few days. Yoga at home really doesn't compare - ya know what I mean?


Helen said...

So glad you felt that good in the gym. I kind of know the feeling you mean, I got it when I used to gym, and sometimes I get like that when doing Tae Bo. You just feel SO good!

And what a great weekend! Snuggling and a film sounds great to me!

Big PoZer said...

IKEA, knitting, emotional release...

Hey - that was my weekend, too!



CosmicAvatar said...

Wow. That was some workout. Excellent!

Spike said...

knitting is wonderful. My pet knits a lot. I don't always eat her yarn because it gets soggy and she yells, but sometimes, I eat her yarn. You can knit cat toys you know.

Podgy said...

Hi Spike! We're going to make Angela knit each of us a cat bed from her new book. She'll need the practice after all. And we can't wait to chew on the yarn. That cross-stitch stuff isn't as much fun.

~Callie, Sabre and Nova

The Bears said...

"Basic No-Bounce"

*much not bouncing of Bears, followed by much giggling of Bears*

It sounds like a great workout! This could be the next great thing after Bum Yoga!

We're glad you had such a happy time!

OK Bye
Stompy and all the Bears

Laurie said...

Stitch n Bitch is a great book. That's how I taught myself how to knit.