Tuesday, December 13, 2005

'Tis the season to run around like a crazy person...

I tried to write my Christmas cards last night. I managed to get through a whopping nine out of over 30. At least the people in the UK and US might get their cards before 2006.

Instead of sitting down with a nice cup of tea and my cards, and enjoying the Christmas episode of Corner Gas, Frosty the Snowman and The Worst Christmas Jobs in History I talked to:

- my mother, to arrange when we are seeing her at Christmas
- my father, to arrange when we are seeing him at Christmas
- my uncle, to arrange when we are seeing them at Christmas
- my father (again), to re-arrange when we are seeing him at Christmas
- my boyfriend's sister, to ask more questions about what to get for her kids

In theory, none of that should have taken very long. In reality, I saw about 20 minutes of television total and wound up with very cold tea.

However, this means that my Christmas Visiting Schedule (TM) is now set and I can get to planning the rest of my life. This coming weekend I have to:
- bake bread for a Christmas Tea on Sunday
- take a friend shopping for a sensitive item (whee!)
- finish the shopping for friends and family
- have dinner with friends on Saturday evening
- get all the gifts for my boyfriend
- go to the Christmas Tea on Sunday
- regular stuff like grocery shopping and laundry

Then I work for five days and wrap gifts at night after dinner.

Starting on Christmas Eve morning I have four straight days of running around the provice to visit family. Then I work for three days. Then I cram a lunch visit with more family in on New Year's Eve day before going off to a party at night.

I'm going to need a vacation from my Christmas vacation.

*hums "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"*


Jenn said...

Good god!

I'm going to my parents, crashing out on the couch and reverting to young-adulthood by reading books and not cooking.

You sound much more grown up. Wow.


Podgy said...

You sound much more grown up.

It's a clever ruse, trust me.

The Bears said...

Congratulatoos on getting all your hoolidoo visits schedooled.

We finished our cards. So the main thing we Bears have on our list is to drop little hints so Jim knows we want caaaandy for Chreesmoos.

OK Bye

Big PoZer said...

An update... finally... YAY!!

And, I so feel your pain with needing a vacation from the holidays. The worst part is, I have to work straight through them.

Anonymous said...


(not Googles)

You WILL need a holiday after all that lot!!