Monday, October 17, 2005

Damn, I'm sexy!

Despite recent (and ongoing) financial difficulties (Stoopid having to pay for things! It should all be a barter system I tell you!) F. and I decided that I could get new office footwear for the fall/winter months. My one pair of black office shoes were bought for $3 (CDN) at Value Village two years ago. They have recently lost a heel, and it was decided that rather than getting them repaired, I could get something new.

I walked into Payless this morning expecting to come out with a pair of sensible, low-heeled black shoes that I will be able to fit orthotics into. I walked out with a pair of kick-ass boots. They do fit the requirements: black, low-heeled, will be able to fit orthotics into them. They cost more than I had budgeted though. And I'm not sure that the $15 I've saved by not smoking for 2 days and however many hours covers the difference. But they make me look, and more importantly feel all sexy. Which is something I have been sorely lacking the last few months. Plus, as L. said, I never buy myself anything (she says that the occasional Oprah or Martha Stewart wedding magazine doesn't count).

In conclusion: I may be poor, but I'm sexy.


Laurie said...

Hooray for sexy boots!

I haven't had sexy boots in probably 15 years. :(

Anonymous said...

When did you start updating again? I found your Blog eons ago, but it had like 4 entries in, the oldest was at the time, very old.

I just decided out of the blue to check, and you're all updaty again!

And yay for sexy boots :-D


And why does my "I'm not a robot or spam" password say "OCTPMS"?? October PMS? No thank you (yet expecting it sometime soon *groan*)

Jenn said...

Well, according to the quitmetre you've saved almost $25 - and that is EXCELLENT!!

Almost as excellent as new sexy boots for a sexy girl.


Anonymous said...

YAY! for sexy boobs!

*Iago re-reads post*

Uh, I mean sexy boots. Those are very cool, too. *thumb's up*