Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today I learned how to put a picture into a post! I also added the Quitmeter back to the bottom of the page, since I had my last smoke at about 1:00 this morning. Giving it another go on the premise that I'll never actually make it, if I don't keep trying. Also, towards that end, I've been on the South Beach plan for 3 weeks now, and have lost 11 lbs. I added a tracker for that too, from a website bettie used for a different kind of count down. *grin* I still need to figure out how to put links in the sidebar, and put my photo in my profile, but I'll leave those things for another time.

So those are the changes to my blog. And a couple of changes to my life. Which is a good thing for me to realize, because lately I've been feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels. People I love and admire are going places & doing things. One couple and two other friends have just purchased homes; five people are having babies; one person has gone back to school (please note that I am ectsatic for every single one of them, and there's no bad feeling about any of it, just some longing). I turned 32 last week, and felt the lack of my own home, marriage, children and the career I want full force. For a couple of days I was a royal pain in the ass to be around. Then T. pointed out all the things I do have going for me, and the stuff I have accomplished, and the stuff I'm working towards.

So, a week after Thanksgiving, I'm counting my blessings and my small achievements, and trying to remember that each step is one of many that will get me where I'm meant to be.


Jenn said...

Ohmygod, I so totally understand about other people doing things and feeling like my life isn't going anywhere. And I'm not upset that they have stuff (ie: babies) and I don't even really really know that I want one right now... but but but...



Laurie said...

Yay for changes!


allison said...

Yay for South Beach weight loss!! You rock, girl!

Anonymous said...

Does it help that as I'm less than 2 weeks from my 24th birthday, I'm worried about being older and not having my own home/partner/dream job?

It didn't help that two close friends from Uni bought a house at Christmas, got married in August, both have cars, both have jobs and have two cats. They buy a bookcase for the spare room, or a table for their conservatory. I buy bus tickets, or DVDs.

I don't know if it's any help, if you're sitting there thinking you missed some stuff, to know that there's someone 8 years younger, worrying that it'll never happen.

At least you know you're not alone. That's something, right?