Friday, May 21, 2004

Happy Victoria Day!

OK, so it doesn't actually get celebrated until Monday, but I won't be at a computer then. I will be recovering from a weekend of partying.

In Ontario, the Victoria Day weekend is better known as the May 2-4 weekend (said "may two four"). It's no longer so much about our colonial roots, our love for the monarchy, or national pride. A good portion of Canada's population doesn't have colonial roots, and the monarchy is an outdated tabloid story. As for national pride, well that's what Canada Day is for (unless you live in Quebec). May 2-4 is now the first long weekend of the summer. It's the time to open cottages, go camping, have parties and drink a 2-4 of beer (that's a case of 24 beers for any non-Canadian readers).

So why do we still hold on to the outmoded concept of celebrating the Queen's birthday? Probably just because it gives us another day of work.

For myself, while I'm raising a few this weekend, at least one will be for Queen Victoria, and one for Queen Elizabeth II: strong women who helped forge a strong county. Thanks ladies.

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