Friday, March 06, 2009


No, we didn't get another live animal. In fact, this one won't even be staying at our house; he's a gift for a co-worker.

I knit him out of Briggs and Little wool that I bought at my local yarn store All Strung Out.

He's knit in pieces (8 total by the time you count all the legs), then stuffed and seamed. This was my first time trying an applied i-cord - much thanks to Ashley for the instruction!

The best part about Sheldon is that, much like wee little puppet man Angel, his shell comes off.


jenipher said...

Sheldon is so cute!
Disagree button is great!
Bewbs button is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

(hehehehe ... i keep pressing the bewbs button on all your posts ... hehehehehehe)

You know you totally have to knit a Sheldon for me too, eh? Either that or teach me how. I am good either way.

jenn said...

Leone has knit a few Sheldon. SOOOO cute!


Hey, my word verification is distahs and I think is should be the world to indicate 'sistahs' at distance. So we, my friend, are distahs!

Lolly said...

Sheldon is awesome! Very cute.