Thursday, January 29, 2009

Circular Motion

Then: I was feeling trapped in a job with no immediate career path out of it, with little to no direct supervision or direction from my boss, trying desperately to get rid of my company laptop, thinking that the only long term solution would be to pursue a Certified Associate in Project Management or Project Management Professional designation and move into the Project Management field, but not feeling overly excited about it.

Now: I am doing a job that I mostly love, although it has no immediate career path out of it. My supervisor sits in an entirely different building, so I talk to her every couple of weeks or so, and get very little direction from her. However, when I do get a chance to talk to her, she's awesomely supportive, and freaking hilarious. I have just requested and received a company laptop, so that if it snows like crazy, I can still get my work done instead of calling it a day and going back to bed. Finally, I have just been approved to take an intro to Project Management course, 'cause I think that's the career direction I want to go in.

It's interesting how sometimes the more things stay the same, the more they change.


Anonymous said...

Woman!! I am so happy for you! And as much as we miss you at "Evil Conglomerate Inc.", I am so glad you left. You so very muchly needed a change.


CosmicAvatar said...

I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy work-wise. Considering how much of one's life can be spent at work, it's incredibly important, and yet there are so many miserable people in jobs they loathe. It can't be taken for granted.