Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Personal Vending Machine

One of the perqs at work is that we have subsidized vending machines (yes, this is actually listed as a perq in our benifits rundown). This means that instead of paying $1.10 for a bag of chips or a chocolate bar that takes me 1.5 seconds to inhale, we only have to pay fifty cents. Which is great...except that I have been spending up to $1.50 a day on junk, resulting in me feeling bad about myself (food issues, yay!), and also throwing away my spending money.

My friend suggested I set up a personal vending machine instead. I have stocked my desk with some small cans of tuna, 100 calorie granola bars and chippy things, weight watchers cakes, and some cheese and crackers thingers. I also brought in a coffee can, and put a photo of the Slayer Scythe on it. Every time I want a snack, I pay myself the fifty cents, and hopefully by next year I will have collected enough to buy the replica to hang on my wall.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome incarnate. That is a fab idea!

And what replica are we talking about exacterly?

Lolly said...

That is such a neat idea!

Jess said...

What a great idea! I try and stock up on things like fruit and granola bars at work. I manage to keep the vending machine visits down to 1-2 per week (and ours are only a quarter!)

allison said...

This is a brilliant solution!!