Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesdays are my therapy

Usually on Tuesday evenings I get together with girlfriends and we have tea, and chat and sometimes do crafts, and sometimes do other stuff. There is always laughter, and sometimes there's some crying and hugging, and sometimes we have cake.

I firmly believe that it is my Tuesday nights that have gotten me through some of the crappiest parts of the last few years, and I'm just not the same when I miss out on them. That said, I won't be going tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I will be leaving work at lunchtime to drive into Toronto. I will be visiting with friends from my old job, then I will be attending the Yarn Harlot's latest book launch at night. There will be space for 500 knitters. I'm betting the space will be full to overflowing.

Next Tuesday I will get to tell my friends all about it, and although not one of them is a knitter, they will listen to my story and be happy for me that I am happy.

I love Tuesday.


Iona said...
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Iona said...

I' a Knitter. I just don't live in Guelph anymore.

Tuesday's were deffinetly therapy! I miss them! It's hard to find a group of friends like that.


-- jlb said...

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy it and have a laugh wwith Stephanie for me, I can't get myself away this time.

I am debating whether or not to be Random and Inexplicable at the local Timmy's asking people to be photographed with a half-knit sock and Maple Glazed doughnut.

G'OMalley said...

*Is happy that you're happy, even though Tuesdays usually see me trying to feed bathe and settle a preschooler.*

Simon said...

Tuesdays are good! I'll make a note. ;)

jenn said...

Ohh, Leone is going to be rather envious!

I'm so glad you've gotten so much over the years from Tuesdays.