Friday, September 21, 2007

Forever and a how long it's taken me to get this posted.

Before the ceremony

Exchanging vows

Official kiss

Ring photo

Us with my girls

Fred getting in trouble (so it's all back to normal pretty quickly!)

In other very, very exciting news, I will be starting a new job October 1 that is only a 30 minute drive from home! Woo!

eta: Thanks to Allison, Jess and Callie for photo help!


Annika said...

Your dress is so gorgeous that it's rendered me incapable of all but the most basic speech. Thank goodness I've only got a one-year-old to talk to.

Jess said...

You are gorgeous! your hair is gorgeous! Your dress! Need I go on?


I think I would have some comments on how to turn the photos were I sober. I usually do it in the built-in Windows Picture & Fax Viewer (easiest way) or Photoshop (snazziest way). Failing that, there are some online photo services that have rotation built in. Maybe flickr?

Lesley said...

Beautiful! So happy to finally see the pictures. :) And the dress is stunning.

I've already sent you congrats on the new job, but I'll do so again. Yay closer work!

CosmicAvatar said...

Eeeeeeee! Lovely photos!

allison said...

You are beautiful!

Dogeared said...

Yay! I suddenly twigged tonight, that I'd not checked your Blog in ages and you were due to get married in August...

Upload the photos to Photobucket (free), rotate them, and then use the codes there (click on the thumbnail of each photo to view it, then rotate, this will make sure you get the right code. They tell you which one is for Blogger).


Amanda said...

What a beautiful bride! Your dress turned out lovely.

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Meghan said...


Kim said...


Thanks for posting.

[heart] Kim

The Bears said...

Gorgeous photos! You're beautiful!