Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm in Ravelry!

If you're not a knitter, or a friend/family member of a knitter, feel free to scroll down at look at my pretty wedding dress fabric.

*looks around*


I got my invite to Ravelry!

I was all set to go quit my job so that I could stay home and knit/play on the knitting internet full time, then I realized that if I do that, there will never be any cash-ola to buy stuff to knit with, and they'd cut off my internet access.



Annika said...


casey said...

Welcome! (PS - take a peek in the groups section, there is a London group and a Toronto group. You're in between so I don't know where you belong!)

-- jlb said...

OOH, *jealous*. It seems to be the hottest thing going. I was a latecomer to the waiting list, who knows if I'll get in this YEAR.

Leone said...

so. very. jealous.

(but still happy for you :) )

Amanda said...

Chelsea and I are going to quit our jobs and open a yarn/coffee shop. You can come run it with us.