Thursday, July 05, 2007



~ Marriage License obtained
~ space for ceremony/Minister of Ceremonies booked
~ my ring (inherited from my paternal grandmother, via my mother - yes, I know that's an odd way of doing things)
~ Fred's outfit (he's wearing a suit and whatever shirt/tie he feels like putting on that day)
~ restaurant reservation (although I'll be confirming it again a little closer to the date. The girl (and yes, I mean girl, not woman) seemed a little distracted and giggly when I called, and thought I said five, not twenty-five)
~ asked friend to take photos
~ guest list finalized (of course, with only 25 people invited, that was pretty quick)
~ asked my mom and Fred's oldest friend (who just happens to be here from Texas at the time!) to be our witnesses

Still to do

~ get Fred's ring
~ get fabric for my dress, figure out what I'm putting on my head (I can't decide between a beaded snood, or a beaded circlet), make dress/jewelery/head thing
~ make and send invites that need mailing, hand out the rest, make map to go in invitations
~ talk to Minister of Ceremonies about the ceremony to find out how it all works, and if we can have music
~ if we can have music, find some (we have ideas, but nothing concrete)
~ figure out what I'm missing and do that

Less than 30 days people! Woo!


Lolly said...

Squeeee!!! How exciting!

I vote for the circlet.

G'OMalley said...

What colour is said dress to be? I have a beautiful green velvet and fake pearl headband with attached snood purchased at MDRF and never worn. You are most welcome to it.

Circlet is also a lovely idea.

*squees a bit for you*

The Bears said...


*much excited scampering about of Bears*

Meghan said...

Isn't it fun getting everything ready? I say that with tongue firmly implanted in cheek... but I genuinely hoping you ARE having fun doing everything! I was eight months pregnant when I was doing this stuff, so that probably put a bit of a damper on my joy. ;]

Also, I vote for a beaded circlet.

CosmicAvatar said...

Sounds like it's well in hand!

jenn said...


I was about to do this jokey think where I pretended to assume you had invited us (playing off the whole annoying thing about everyone always thinking they're invited to small weddings) - but then I realised I was just being an ass.

So I went with WHOO!