Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There are wonderful people in this world.

Today someone did something wonderful for me. Ok, technically she did it a while ago, but I'm only just finding out about it today.

I got home from work to find a bright turquiose squishy envelope in with my mail. I looked at the return address and thought "who do I know who lives there?" Then I opened it and found this:

This is Socks That Rock sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It is hand-painted. It is something I have wanted to try since I discovered sock knitting, but have only admired from afar until now, since we keep having to do things like spend rent money on sick kitties.

A woman named Johanna I know a little from the ren fest I used to work at, who is the sister to a close friend of mine and who once helped me try to find a job got me yarn. She got me wonderful, happy-making, beautiful, hand-painted sock yarn in a colourway called Puck's Mischief.

All I can say to her is thank you.

Zoe is much better and says thank you too, for making my day so much brighter.


-- jlb said...

You'n'Zoe are most welcome - though if I may give some gratuitous advice from one cat-infested knitter to another, don't share with her. ;-)

Hope the colour was an OK choice, I was of course wildly guessing, but "Puck's Mischief" seemed an appropriate name given the circles we have vaguely shared.



Meghan said...

How awesome is that?!

What gorgeous yarn, and I love the color (such a great name, too!).

I'm so glad Zoe is well and in good spirits (that pic made me go, "oh, hello keety keety).

Oh, and YAY for pictures and updatey.

The Bears said...

YAY! for surprises in the mail!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And YAY! for Zoe feeling better!

OK Bye

Lolly said...

Tag, you're it!

stitch-dom said...

Gorgeous yarn Podge! I hope you rock the socks too!

Leone said...

Ohmigod! That yarn is gorgeous! And could not have gone to a more deserving mischievious individual ;) Sometimes with yarn like that I have like to hold it and look at it. I'm glad all the kitties are in good spirits. Spike is really enjoying all the boxes. I keep on telling him that we are moving but he just gets distracted by the boxes and forgets. It isn't going to be easy.

Wheeeee for yarn!