Friday, April 20, 2007

Update. Without photos.

I've been wanting to update. I've been wanting to post photos. I just can't seem to be awake in my house long enough to find the camera, take the photos and sit down at the damn computer.

So, photoless, I update.

Zoe is doing much better. So much better in fact that a pie plate (with pie still on it!) was knocked off the top of the refrigerator. I also come home every day to the taped-up cupboard where the garbage lives wide open. Sometimes with garbage on the floor. And the daily struggle for dominance between Sabre and Zoe is back up to normal levels. We've got another week of anti-biotics, and two more doses of Prednisone, and another follow-up visit to the vet on Tuesday. There was one recurrence of Zoe having a dizzy spell, after (while chasing Sabre) she bonked her head on the bottom of the coffee table, but it passed quickly and didn't keep them from moving on to I Am The Boss, No I Am The Boss, Round 478. Dorky cats.

I finished (and wore) my first pair of non-vanilla socks. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means they are the first socks I've done with a pattern on the leg and top of the foot. They're Roza's Socks by Grumperina from the latest Interweave Knits. I'm now on incarnation 4 of a pair I am designing myself, using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in some light orange colour. I am also using up the ends of my first four pairs of socks by knitting in stripes. It's fun! They're gonna be a butt-ugly combo of blue/brown, red with multi-coloured flecks, purple/blue, and olive-drab green.

A couple of weeks ago I said good bye to Shadoe, my husky dog. We got him as a puppy when I was in Grade 12. That means that he was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 17 years old, a fantastic age for a dog. When I went off to University he stayed with my parents. When I finished University, I moved to Toronto to live in a succession of apartments, which is no way for a big dog who loves to run to live. So he stayed with my Mom, and moved with her to the farm when she and her partner bought one. He was very, very happy there, and I think that (along with the fact that my mom and step-dad take very good care of their animals) is why he lived to a venerable age. They had him put to sleep because even though his he had arthritis and was deaf, and probably mostly senile, and they kept hoping he'd just go in his sleep, his heart was very strong. So we finally all said good bye to him. It was hard, but he was getting to the point where his pain wasn't manageable anymore, so it was time, maybe past-time. I'm very happy that my mom and step-dad took such good care of him, I think much better than I would have been able to. So thank you to them, and thank you to Shadoe for being such a lovely boy.

Yesterday I spent the day at The Church of the Holy Trinity with about 100 other witches doing meditation/trancework/storytelling with Starhawk! It was a wonderful, if tiring day. There were epiphanies had, and laughter with my friends, then a spiral dance and a good dinner. It was really nice to see that there is a community of people out there who think/believe in a similar way to me.

This weekend is going to be busy. Grocery shopping then ritual tonight, band rehearsal, then a going away party tomorrow, then on Sunday I will attempt to cram two week's* worth of laundry, weeding of my garden, other assorted housework and a visit from Mom into one day.

So there probably still won't be any photos. :)

*Somebody please tell me whether the apostrophe here is wrong. Please!


Annika said...

It's plural possessive, so the apostrophe should be after the s. ;)

Very good news about Zoe! And though I am sad that Shadoe is no longer around, it is wonderful that he had such a long and happy life.

Lolly said...


Glad that kitty is doing better. I recommend those child-proof cabinet latches: for the cabinet with the trash in it. I always had to have one for my cat, even before I had a baby. It's still very easy for you to open, but not for kitty.

Your socks sound so cool. I'd love to see some pictures.

And I'm so sorry about Shadoe. *hugs*

jenn said...

Oh, I'm sorry about Shadoe. *hugs* But I'm so very glad that Zoe is feeling back up to snuff!!

And what bettie said re: two weeks.

The Bears said...

We're all very sorry to hear about Shadoe.

*Bears hugs*

But we're very happy to here that Zoe is doing so well.

OK Bye
Blinky and All the Bears

CosmicAvatar said...

Sorry to hear about Shadoe, but 17 is a marvellous age for a dog to reach. Glad on the other hand that Zoe is recovering!

And as Annika said, it's "two weeks' worth".

Meghan said...

Great to hear Zoe is doing so much better! Go pie-knocker!

I'm Sorry to hear about Shadoe. But, I'm glad he had a long, wonderful life.

Simon said...

I'm glad your cat is doing better!

Meghan said...

Girl, you need to update already.

With pictures, please.