Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I've only rubbed my rock twice today!

As part of this quitting smoking thingy (please see Quit Tracker installed at bottom of blog) I did me a ritual Sunday morning. Lit a candle, burned stuff (note: that insense holder wasn't actually meant to hold a charcoal briquette, also, inhaling burning ginger, chili powder and cinnamon will make your lungs hurt more than a John Player Special), invoked and devoked, and imbued a pretty piece of amethyst with positive energies. Then I stuck a nicotine patch on my arm. Spirituality and faith is good, but that doesn't mean a little drug therapy isn't also a good thing.

This little piece of amethyst is now going everywhere I go. It's got an awesome groove on it that is just the right size and shape for my thumb, and I'm using it as a worry stone/transference mechanism whenever the craving takes me (it's also got enough heft and pointy corners that I can fantasize will make a good thunk and leave a nice mark if tossed at someone's head). Yesterday I had it in my hand almost all day. And there was a lot of deep breathing. Today, although there is still a lot of breathing (because people have the dumb and they cannot brain), I've only reached for the stone twice.

There may be progress!


Laurie said...


Good for you!

Min said...

Sounds like you have some good stuff going on!

(I work with tobacco quit line specialists, so if you're looking for another suggestion to add in as needed: One of the things I've heard frequently is to suck on full-sized cinnamon sticks from the grocery store when you get a craving. Something about the spiciness of the cinnamon and the feel of the stick in your hand is supposed to be calming.)

Kim said...

Yay Angela!!!

Amanda said...

Is that title dirty, or is it just me?

Hurray for progress!

Helen said...

Yay! Go Podgy!

Jenn said...

Yeah, I read the dirty as well.