Friday, December 15, 2006

The Return of Sammich

Aka - I Have an Awesome Boyfriend.

Fred and I are on opposite work shifts. I have a nine to five office job, and he works as a shipper from 3:30 to midnight so we rarely see each other during the week. Fred also suffers from insomnia, which is very crappy.

Right now he's in the grips of an insomnia attack, so he was still awake when I got up at 5:15 this morning to go to work. While I took a shower and got dressed, he cooked me eggs for breakfast (he hates eggs, even the smell of them, so this is a pretty big deal), made me coffee, made me another one of those wonderful sammiches with the cheese and ham and green tomato pickle, and took out the garbage. It made my morning so much nicer to have that stuff done for me, and to have a chance to spend a half an hour with him today.

He's gone to bed now, and I hope that he's sleeping. My wonderful man.


Amanda said...

How sweet!

allison said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. He is such a keeper!

CosmicAvatar said...

Aww, bless him. What a dude.

The Bears said...

YAY! for people who bring you food!

And if you want an extra treat, next time, ask him to make you a caaaandy sammich!

OK Bye

Jenn said...

I love boys who make us food in the morning! Yay!