Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sweet Lethe

OK, so I'm sleeping again. The new sleeping pills work: I go to sleep right away and only wake up once a night. The couple of nights I haven't taken a pill (actually half a pill, because the one time I took a whole one I slept for 11 hours, had breakfast, and then went back to sleep for two hours) I've been a bit longer going under (but not as long as before) and only woken up twice in the night, rather than the previous three or four times.

So we're getting there.

As of Nov. 1 I will be commuting by Greyhound. It means we're going to have even less expendable cash than we already do, but it's going to lighten my stress load, allow time for napping/knitting/reading and save me the immediate out-lay of winterizing my car. Plus my mother will worry less.

Work may get worse. It may also get better. I'm getting more event planning requests thrown my way, which is stuff that I really love to do. I've finally been heard on my request to get rid of my laptop and get a desktop computer. This will lessen the chances of me having to take work home. Now that we aren't doing the same job and soon will not be trapped in a car together any more, the relationship with the former best friend has lost all stressful overtones. We're actually laughing together again. And we hugged. It will never be what it was, because I will never fully trust her, but I'm pleased that we've gotten this far again.

That's the good.

The colleague that went to Rome whose job I did and the website blew up and I got stressed out and stopped sleeping, remember her? Yeah, well, she went and found another job. And they don't plan to replace her. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. I've had a bit of a talk with my manager and will have a bit more of a talk tomorrow. At this point it could go either way.

Also, a different colleague has gone on stress leave, dumping all her work on ex-bfriend, which puts work fall-out on me as well. Three hours this morning were spent doing the work of the woman on leave. Oddly (or maybe not so oddly) this has been one source of the returning easiness between ebf and I.

So the bad may not turn out to be so bad after all. We'll see.


Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear about the sleeping as that should make all else more manageable. I have NO idea how to spell that.

Sorry about that whole trend of not hiring replacements. Seems rather foolish. But, who am I to say...


Innocent Bystander said...

You know, not everyone who looks at this post title will know exactly what it's going to be about immediately. I love it when that happens. :) Maybe you need to look into getting a blinvisibility ray so you can set it on reverse and bring back those people who are supposed to be around doing their jobs. Just remind them that if you don't see them soon, they're going to turn into pudding!

CosmicAvatar said...

What Jenn said. Improving sleep sounds like the best thing.

stitch-dom said...

Sleep makes most everything better...unless you are a kid in which case it does but you will never admit it lol.

Its amazing how things can come around sometimes. Keep looking after you and it'll all come together eventually.

Big PoZer said...

A good night's sleep makes all the difference in the world. At least, I seem to remember it did!

Also, good to hear you're leaving the driving to Greyhound. No more dealing with traffic stress, and the commute becomes precious You time.