Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's been Tuesday long enough...

I don't actually have much to say, but I was tired of the last unhappy post being up at the top and all unhappy-like. Yeah.

Oh! Happy Beltane yesterday.

I'm feeling all listless today. I have work to do, I'm just not interested in doing it. This morning was spent in a boring and seemingly irrelevant meeting. Well, it's relevant for some people, but wasn't for me. Which got me off to a not-caring-so-much start. It's now almost three, and I still haven't managed to accomplish much, except to discover that I don't remember my login for my photobucket account, and it doesn't recognize any of my email addresses. Good think I still have that webshots account!

I leave you with an old photo of Nova and Sabre biting each other. Nova's gotten a little fatter, but other than that (and the fact that I left the ugly couch with my ex-husband) not much about this photo is different now.

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The Bears said...

YAY! for a new post!

Nova and Sabre look very cute!

*much nodding of Bears*

OK Bye

CosmicAvatar said...

Awww, they're so sweet and bitey!

Jenn said...

I love kittie pictures.

And I'm glad there is a post here because I like hearing about your days, even if they are not necessarily super exciting.

Big PoZer said...

What Jenn said (you know, YAY cute kitty pic and POST MORE!), and...

I'm so glad your ex got that couch.