Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ever been in one of those positions where you have too much you want to say?

There are about a bazillion things I want to write about but they're all kinda half formed and incoherent. It's even affecting my ability to coherently comment on other people's blogs, beyond cute one-linery type things.

I need unsticking.


Helen said...

*tries to unstick you*

Did it help?

Spike said...

Sometimes my pets wake up looking like they are stuck. Their hair is stuck to their face, their grumpiness is stuck to their face, etc. Sometimes, they take a long hot shower and drink coffee and they get a little better. Last night my pet put vodka in her drink. Maybe those three things will help unstick you. Shower, coffee, & vodka. Unless you are like me, cause then all you need is tuna.

Big PoZer said...

I totally know what you mean.

I tend to blog and "save as draft" random ideas that I have just floating around.

Mimosa said...

I like WD40. Works for everything.

Min said...

I can tell you that I never have this problem in regards to my journal. Now, the novel I'm trying to write is something else altoghter.