Thursday, November 17, 2005


Everybody here is sleeping. Frank, three dogs, nine cats (and those are only the ones that I can see. There are a bunch more around here somewhere...)

I am at my mom's farm because Frank (my mom's partner) had heart surgery and can't be left alone until some time next week. Mom took last week off of work, but had to go back this week, so I'm here. Frank is doing quite well, all things considered, but he gets tired easily and sleeps a lot. We chat when he's awake, and it's been really great having the chance to have time together.

I have been attempting to work from here. I used to think it would be cool to work from home. I'm not so sure at the moment. Of course this isn't "home", and it's not an optimum working environment. I have dreams of a beautifully decorated, sunny room with lots of plants in it; ergonomic desk furniture; a chaise lounge for reading non-computer stuff; a warm kitty in my lap; a high speed internet connection...

Being on a farm (well, this one at any rate) means that I'm working on a dial-up connection. Except that it's slower than your average dial-up, and therefore more frustrating, especially when part of one's job is to upload stuff to and download stuff from a company website. I call it Farm Dial-Up.

A side effect of the FDU is that I can't post at my favourite internet place (Buffyguide) or look at funny photos on my second favourite internet place (Stuff On My Cat). But my friends over at BG have been keeping me entertained, which is really nice. Internet people are fun!

I'll be going home tomorrow night, which is a Good Thing (TM Martha Stewart). Not that I don't like visiting the farm. I do; it's very pretty and quiet and soothing and centering. I can do about 3 days, 4 at the outside. Then I need to get home Fred and my cats.

And apparently, my internet connection.


Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean. We're dropping our cable when we move, but we could never get rid of the internet. I get twitchy when I'm without it for a couple of hours!


Jenn said...

Yeah, sorry about the FDU. I hope testing has been a little entertaining!