Friday, October 21, 2005

Hard work

I now have links to blogs I like, and I've put all my pictures into Photobucket and figured out how to put a picture in my profile

I've been on the computer for 4 hours doing this.

I am bushed, but feel like I've accomplished something.

Go team me!


Laurie said...

Go, Podgy!

It's great when you tinker with it and then see it come out right, isn't it? :D

Jenn said...


Nicely Done!

The Bears said...


*much clapping of paws and bouncing up and down of Bears*

OK Bye

Big PoZer said...

How did I NOT realize you had a blog before this??

I. Am. So. Lame.

I think I clicked on your name once when you left a comment and it said "user profile not available".

Anyway - looks great in here!

I will be stalking you now.

Podgy said...

Well, to be fair, I didn't use it for a long time, so you're forgiven on that front. ;-)

To make your stalking easier, I can say that I only update about once a week. Y'know, if you want to schedule me in or something...

Spike said...

Very nice. I like your photo.